Friday, June 24, 2011

[She] Male

Loving the masculine inspired look? You're not the only one! In the fashion world, the look is blossoming into a popular trend. Stars like Janelle Monae has exemplified male-inspired trends for months upon months but the look is just starting to come alive. When iconic figures like Olivia Palermo and Chloe Sevigny start wearing ties and blazers, you know it's stylish!

Shopping for this look? Step into an H&M or Zara and it'll be staring you right in the face. This style is everywhere and you can even mix and match the colors. Put your prior fashion knowledge to use and don't be afraid to color block, add heels or add accessories. It's all about the total look, so go all out and be fabulous!

Not comfortable for this look? Narrow it down to one piece if you don't want to do the total look. Take the blazer or the dress pants and add something simpler. Pair the outfit with flats if you're looking to be conservative, or heels if you're on a night out. Whatever look you want to emulate, do it with class! Stay stylish and good luck!
xx, ZM

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  1. love this article! You explain the way to get the look, and that's what i have waiting for, great! :D


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