Saturday, June 18, 2011

MO&Co. [momentum]

As told by Johnny Misheff-
Have you heard? Mo&Co, one of China's most celebrated clothing brands is heading our way, enlisting the help of renown videographer Barnaby Roper with one of the chicest videos we've seen in recent memory.  The video, clocking in at 11m 44s, features an inspired performance by world renown Chinese supermodels Shu Pei and Liu Wen and has been made in two versions: 2D and 3D.  The video premiered last night in 3D in Shanghai to a decidedly wowed crowd, with a range of distinguished guests attending, including Roper, Pei and Wen. This occasion and subsequent exclusive full length premiere on W Magazine's website marks MO&Co.'s first big splash in the Western world.  

Thusly, MO&Co. is a profound sleeping giant.  They are China's premier fashion brand with hundreds of shops already open and more opening monthly with a widely successful and securely positioned E-Commerce element.  They are perfectly poised for an impactful and enduring presence here.  

The full length is running exclusively on W's site until next week.  The video can be viewed in it's entirety here

Click the vimeo video below to view a preview of the MO&Co. video! 

Director: Barnaby Roper
Models: Shu Pei, Liu Wen
Stylist: Keegan Singh
Hair Stylist: Rita Marmor
Makeup Artist: Pep Gay
Director of Photography: Toshiaki Ozawa
Editor: Nathan Brown
Music: Tristan Bechet

Thank you to Johnny Misheff from T Magazine for the email! I hope everyone enjoys the art and creativity that's been put into this video project. It's truly [inspiring] for fashion and art lovers!
Do what you love, love what you do-
xx, ZM

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  1. Glad you are loving the video as much as we are! Thanks so much for posting.

    xx SWELL


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