Monday, April 11, 2011

What Does Fashion Free You From?

   As I read through some feedback, I stumbled upon an interesting question, "What does fashion free you from at this stage in your life?" and I sat there for quite a while as a million thoughts raced through my head. How is fashion liberating? Why is self expression vital as we create a name for ourselves? I began to ponder questions such as these and then I reached out to my readers for their responses. 
   But I'd like to say that fashion frees me from the expectations of those surrounding me. Fashion shapes who we are, how we look and can change how we feel as individuals. It's not what you wear, but how you wear it; how you make it your own. When I'm told to wear something, I put my own twist on it. Fashion doesn't have limits, it doesn't have rules, fashion is meant to be personalized. As one searches within fashion, self expression becomes evident. When I'm able to express myself through fashion, I can give a representation of who I want to be through what I'm wearing. As many of us turn to fashion icons, you are who you pretend to be. If you're trying to be a fashionista, you can accomplish it. And by doing this, it boosts one's self esteem. When the world looks at you, they are immediately introduced to your fashion. As I stumble through this messy world, being original with style is a release from everyday routine. Just as every human being was created differently, our fashion should never emulate that of another. Fashion is liberating, fashion is creativity, fashion is originality, Fashion is Freedom.
   When I began to ask around and search for opinions within others, here are some of the responses I received:
       “As a designer I think that fashion and design is freeing because it allows you or your space to be creative, flexible, and evolve. A new day is a new look, a time to be expressive and a time to evolve and grow.” -Berry Brown of BB Jewels.
       “Fashion is very freeing to me, because as a fashion lover, it completely takes you into this wonderful and creative world, with no judgments of gender, race, color, or creed. It's all about the art.” -Irene Nesbitt
       “I would say that fashion frees an individual from misconceptions anyone has made about them, because I can create anyone I'd like to be, well, ideally creating myself. And fashion frees someone, especially a teenager, from their systematic and routine life. It can give a first impression without words. Self expression is huge. To me, it shows your full potential as a creative human being, and it really separates the normal from the thoughtful. I think the best form of self expression is when it has inspired others to do the same and to bring their inner self to the surface.” -Viki Panteleakis
       "Fashion frees me from reality because you can become a completely different person depending on which type of clothes you put on. Self expression boosts self esteem because your portraying an image to the world with your clothes and you’re doing it in a public way and not caring whether people accept or reject you." -Syra Aburto
       "I have to say, fashion frees me from preconceived notions about the kind of person I am. I can come up with great outfits that show the different personality traits I have, and it frees me from just being one of the crowd, like I have to be every day in my school uniform. A great outfit definitely boosts my self esteem. Being complimented on style is more important to me than say being complimented on athletic ability, because fashion is one of my major strengths as a teenage girl. Like I already said, expressing myself through my clothes gives off the vibes of what kind of person I want others to see me as, and without self expression I'm sure people would have different opinions of me than they do now!" -Ellie Donohue
       "Fashion is not only how you dress, but how you live. It gives a representation of oneself for the world to see. Fashion frees me from the expectations of others. It allows me to be my own person. Of course, there are always trends-what's "in" what's "out"-but only YOU have the freedom to put it together, make it your own, work it; it's all up to you. Color, pattern, texture, quality, it all adds to your outward projection of yourself, how you chose to express yourself to the world. This is truly a beautiful thing. Fashion, frees you from society, and helps to create the individual you are meant to be. Fashion IS freedom." -Stephanie Epstein
       "Fashion frees me to show someone my personality the best I can by just looking at me. Fashion is not everything, we can not be materialistic. We need to dress modest but with interest. My style is to make people think. Dress free, not just what people want to see." -Katharine Stamas
       "Fashion frees me from the negativity of daily life. It frees me from the materialistic world we live in. I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit in order to look good. Fashion is what you make it, it's yours. It's not about the label or the price tag. Fashion frees me from repetition. I don't need to look like the models on the runway, I make my own fashion." -Paulina Patsios
   Fashion is liberating in so many ways, as you can tell from reading the responses from these lovely ladies. It allows us to be ourselves on the inside and display our originality on the outside as well. Fashion is art, and art is known to be a way of expressing freedom. Fashion is what we make of it, we can make it ours or we can be followers. Leaders in fashion will be leaders in life; if you know how to take something and make it your own, that comes in handy in many ways, not just styling. 
   Fashion can define an era in time, just as any other art form may define the ethics of certain people. It can help us see into a person's life; what they were feeling and/or what they wanted to portray. A person's style is a window into their originality and when someone's taste is evident within their clothes, you know they have style. Style isn't something we're born with, it must be earned. It doesn't come from reading books about fashion or picking up an issue of Harper's Bazaar, style evolves from love of fashion. 
   To find the style within yourself, you must build an appreciation for different trends. People with different interests may be categorized as "goths" or "preppy" or even "jocks" but that doesn't mean everyone in that stereotype dresses exactly the same. We must appreciate the style choices of other individuals to build up a fashion sense of our own. When style is born, it can never be hidden. One's style will always shine through!
   Fashion is most freeing in the sense that I know I can create it myself. Christian Dior doesn't create fashion, Dolce & Gabanna don't create fashion, Coco Chanel didn't create fashion- WE create fashion. They just helped the trends along. With these words, take risks and find the style within you. Learn to have diverse taste, accept others for their unique opinions and ALWAYS be yourself.

"Every thread that is sewn, every piece of fabric that is cut and every hem that is shortened contributes to the fashion revolution. As we watch trends unfold and styles become legendary, we create our own looks from our originality." -Zoe Malliaros

With style comes maturity; we learn to accept others for who they truly are.
Don't be afraid to express yourself, you'll always be you!
Fashion IS Freedom,
xx ZM

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