Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Warm & Cool Hues of Blue

   The warm and cool hues of blue are trendier than ever. Looking for ways to dress up your house? Try blue! As it's proven to calm and bring piece to one's home, how could you go wrong? Warm blue colors help define a social space and can even assist a room in feeling cozier. Since blue is a warm color, it's fit for a living room or comfortable space. Softer tones of blue are said to make a room appear larger. But often times, these lighter blue tones can make a room colder. When painted in a bathroom, soft blues are perfect. For dining rooms, a lush and intimate tone of blue is best. It's perfect for cozy dinners either with family or friends and it introduces a comfortable setting. 
   What happened to the whole "blue is for boys" saying? Well if you were wondering that like I was, experts say that for young boys who insist on painting their rooms blue, the brighter the better. The brightness is good for children because it's energetic and bright colors are primarily younger. To wrap things up, for the bathroom, paint it the coolest blue you can find. It will give it a light, cool tone and make the room seem bigger than it is. Blues are appropriate colors for bathrooms because it's just a quick stop and a bright color isn't needed. With all these tips and tricks, join the blue movement and change it up for spring!

Blue or bust,
xx Zoe Malliaros

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