Monday, March 28, 2011

To The Sun and Beyond...

Spring is a time to bloom into new trends and to find ourselves within our fashion sense. It is said that sunflowers grow towards the sun, and in the spring, their seeds begin to blossom into a pollinated flower. And within that flower, is beauty growing towards it's ultimate inspiration. As my career in fashion is in the beginning stages, I'm a seed ready to sprout into a flower, working to achieve my goals as my role models have. 

Success isn’t something that comes easily, it must be earned. Hard work and dedication are the key ingredients to living a successful, satisfying lifestyle. I don’t just sit at home and aimlessly read Vogue, Elle or W; I take notes, expand their fashion views into my own opinions and I form my own judgements. To me, fashion is a constant debate. Some people may like one item, when others can barely stand to look at it. Fashion opinions are developed from one’s heart, from their personal expressions. 
But back to determination, I don’t expect my goals to happen, I work as hard as I can through school and put exceptional amounts of effort into my writing. I was recently given the opportunity to work for my local newspaper, writing fashion articles and collaborating with film makers and photographers to introduce the public to my work. I’ve yet to begin my journey at this job, but when I do I’m going to put my heart and soul into it. The newspaper is called the Sun.. Which brings us back to the sunflower analogy; I’m a seed ready to sprout into a flower, I’m ready to grow and encourage individuality, I’m ready to impact the fashion lives of others, and I’m ready to expand my work to The Sun.
Stay inspired,
xx ZM

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