Thursday, February 10, 2011

You've Got Male

   Boy for girl? As masculine feminine is the new feminine, male trends are more influential on women's clothing than ever before. From loose fitting blouses to tailored trousers, even prominent collars are making an appearance on women's apparel. Suit up and throw on your blazers because this season it's time to borrow from the boys.
   It's time to man up! Building upon elements of previous seasons, we're seeing trends such as tuxedo style and more military inspired clothing emerge. Sound a bit like Fall/Winter 2010? That's because fashion is like history, it repeats itself. Although in this case, these styles are coming back even more sleek than before. The most masculine of clothing paired with ruffles and bows really makes a statement. High waisted pants, tail coats and tailored vests all play a part in this androgynous look.
   Is a style like this attractive? By taking this risk and dressing almost "manly", it exhibits your confidence in your fashion. Men almost like when women dress in ways like this because by taking a risk, it displays courage. And being courageous with your clothing is key! But anyhow, the male inspired clothing also takes a turn in the route of aviation style. Sort of Amelia Earhart inspired, vests and loose coats are tied into this trend. Not really a fan of it myself, it seems sloppy and almost too masculine. I find small masculine additions to an outfit fashionable, but not full out boy clothes.
   So don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side; borrow your boyfriend's blazer, wear your pants high wasted, play with belts, but most importantly don't overdo it! As the masculine trend for 2011 leans more towards old fashioned clothing, stop by a vintage shop and browse for new styles. Accessories such as hats and watches help wash away the feminine in your outfit, so do it up. Rocking a trend like this, it's hard not to be "the man".
xx ZM

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