Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Warning: Curves Ahead

   Featured this February on the cover of British Magazine ASOS, Brit model Daisy Lowe also flaunts her curves in a tasteful spread shot by noted fashion photographer Guy Aroch. Not only is Daisy stunning in the images captured by Aroch, but she's the 'it' girl who's willing to break the rules. As she talks about what the fashion industry lacks, Daisy Lowe tells the mag that "fashion needs more curves."
   Not to be confused with fashion idol and popstar stepmom Gwen Stefani or rocker dad Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe steals the show in this month's ASOS. Pictured with a simple messy updo and catty eyeliner, Lowe's spread is very pinupesque. Bringing back styles from the 1950s and 1970s, the clothing in the shoot is actually affordable (all under $100) to the average woman. Talking about her childhood, the industry and what modeling means to her, Daisy Lowe is a perfect example for young models.
   “My dream is to see a lot more female shapes in ad campaigns when I look through magazines… my friend was working with Crystal Renn and said she thinks she’s only got a 38-inch hip,” Daisy says. Many others are pushing for curvier models because women don't want to keep seeing more of the same size zeros. As far as Karl Lagerfeld, he sees no wrong in using the skinniest girls in the industry. Lowe, along with others, wants to change how people view fashion and its models and give confidence to those who aren't super skinny.
   Daisy Lowe told an ASOS reporter that modeling isn't the superficial industry that people may perceive it as, but it's about self expression. While many girls waste away for magazine spreads, Lowe discovers herself in her modeling. “I’ve learned a lot from modeling. I’m a lot more tolerant. It’s taught me to be bold and be true to myself in a massive way,” Daisy says. She's given us a positive outlook on the modeling industry and models in general. As humble as Daisy Lowe is, she's got to know that she's a role model for many young women. Bringing her curves and her common sense to this interview, Lowe is now a favorite of mine and her spread is ASOS is simply stunning. Congrats, Daisy!
xx ZM

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  1. Such a stunning model.
    Where do you find your inspiration?
    Especially with foreign models?
    Zoe- you have a gift. Your writing is informative yet so wonderful.
    Keep writing and keep stylin!
    -Your Australian fans


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