Sunday, January 02, 2011

Razzle Dazzle.. Daytime?

   With New Years Eve behind us and spring trends approaching, metallic clothes are now being worn in the day time. With shimmer and shine usually set aside for just NYE, not this year! Twenty eleven has already decided to change it up a bit, beginning with the shining style. Spring resort collections offer the perfect shine for daytime.
   This Spring season, designers have cut the shiny metallic material into wearable looks for everyday. Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Thakoon and Donna Karen have all incorporated some glitz into their Spring 2011 collections. Going for a subtle shimmer and not an all out shine, these designers make daytime fashion more, well, fashionable. Without completely ruling out plain colored t-shirts and cardigans, add a little sequin to your wardrobe to spruce it up. Just shopping around in small stores, I have already noticed the change in sequins. 
   Not into looking flashy? Good! This look isn't about flashy, it's about being feminine and playing with new trends. Plain pastels are great for spring, but why not add a little onto it? While shopping, pick out things with SUBTLE shines for daytime, because after all, less is more with daytime shine! When adding a little sparkle to your clothes, others will notice and admire your clothes more. Looking stylish and standing out can boost confidence and help you make more daring fashion decisions in the future.
   With an edgy winter, fashion wise, coming to a close soon, simple shines should be a graceful change. So take advantage of the daytime shimmer and don't overdo it. Adding little by little can make more of a difference than you think. So when it comes to clothing, don't doubt yourself, dare yourself. 
xx, ZM



  1. You are an inspiration Ms. Zoe! I cannot wait to see your articles in Fashion magazines! xoxo Tiffany

  2. I love all your articles, and your clothes lol i can really picture you writing for a big time fashion magazine in the future!


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