Friday, December 31, 2010

When Your Eyes Met Mine

   When America's Next Top Model is on television, you're sure to hear Tyra yelling, "Smile with your eyes!" It enhances the quality of a photo when a model, or anyone, gives a subtle smile with their eyes. Well obviously not a smile, but focussing them at a certain angle puts more emphasis on your whole face and not just your smile. Many stylists choose to put on heavy eye makeup so they can "smize" easier during a shoot. Smiling with your eyes is very important and the outcome is guaranteed to be beautiful.

   Smokey eye is a popular makeup trend that's always perfect for a night out, especially in the winter. Directing attention to the eyes, the darkness of smokey eye brings out the whites of your eyes and reveals details within your eyes. For some people, it's too much. But for others, the smokey eye is perfect for their face.
   Nude makeup around the eye can also be stunning. For people with big, round eyes, going nude is a great choice. It brings out the color in your eyes and still allows them to look large without all that makeup. Adding pastels into nude eye makeup is often a great idea and adds color to the face. If your eyes are a piercing color, then nude makeup can sometimes be your best fit. It's all about the eyes.
   It's said that they eyes are the window to our souls, so we want them to look great, right? Thought so. It doesn't take long to perfect the skin around your eyes in the morning and put on some makeup. It's well worth the five minutes! So if you're going out on the town, go for a darker, edgier choice of makeup. But if you're just going out during the day, keep it simple. Whenever you apply your makeup, make sure it blends in. So bat those eyelashes, wink at your onlookers and most importantly, stay pretty.
xx, ZM


  1. Zoe, your tips are so helpful and accurate! Anytime I have a style question I log right onto your blog


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