Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Shimmer, Shine and Strive For Style

   Shimmering shoes, glistening gowns and studded shirts are all the rave this winter. Cocktail dresses everywhere are embedded with bling, and heels have never been sparkling this bright. Tis the season? For glitter that is.  Embellished accessories, sequined styles- it's all here and in style this winter. 
   Fall runways displayed jewels of all sorts on pants, shoes, dresses, shirts, etc. and now fashionistas everywhere are showing the world that glitter is the way to go. Glistening their way down various runways and red carpets, fashion's most notorious stars describe the tinsley trends as "jaw dropping" and "bold and bright". With glitter in the limelight, how can you wear it without overdoing it? That's why I'm here.
   If you're going for a full sequined LBD, then keep the accessories on the down low. Too much glitter will hurt your eyes, and the eyes of curious onlookers. You want just enough shimmer to stand out, but not to the point where you look like Ke$ha. Overdoing it is never flattering, and that'll never change. Choose subtle sequins during the day to keep it casual yet trendy. Save the breathtaking shine for the nighttime when they'll glisten the most.
   Don't let the shimmer of the snowflakes steal your thunder, keep is crystally! With fashion becoming more and more detailed, always dress it up. But because glitter embedded clothes are definitely attention grabbers, you have to be careful not to be over the top. Keeping it simple and stylish apply to everything. If you think it's too much, then it probably is. So keep is shiny, shimmer away your worries and strive for style this winter.


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