Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bold Is Beautiful

   Throughout 2010, designers have surprised us with new trends, popular colors, fabulous fashion shows, bionic heels and much more. A year in fashion is never a boring year but rather filled with excitement and experiments. 
   The birth of jeggings, crop top phenomenon, lace, leather jackets, combat boots- you name it, it made 2010 memorable. High fashion photography was filled with edginess and fierceness as always and the models of 2010 walked the runway better than ever. The return of Tom Ford and Lanvin for H&M were certainly breakthroughs in fashion. We all still mourn the death of designer Alexander McQueen, but embrace what he has brought to the industry. With celebrities like Lady Gaga taking risks, it's given normal women courage to try something daring new. Congratulations to everyone that made this year that much more fashionable. And thank you to everyone that's supported the start of my blog this year, I appreciate it greatly. One thing was consistent throughout the year is bold designs and ad campaigns. It was all about grabbing attention and this year, that's what designers did. The public matured in fashion and began to take more risks. Daring details in clothing made the statement that BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL and it always will be. So long 2010, you were good to us.


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  1. What a way to end the year, Zoe. We love your blog here in London. Bold IS beautiful and you've shown us that. Your entries are lovely and your writing is brilliant. We wish you a great 2011. Keep it up.


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