Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Flash Forward

   With New York Fashion Week behind us and fall trends slowly dying down, it's time to think about those spring styles. One of the world's most notorious designers, Marc Jacobs, has put together quite the collection for spring 2011. It resembles Missoni and classic YSL, with inspiration from the fashions of the 1970s. 
   Accessories played a huge role in Marc Jacob's resort collection. Wide brimmed hats, bright colors and scandalous monokinis completed every look. Peasant blouses, blazers, knit dresses, clunky heels- they were all there. With many other designers playing it safe with whites and neutral colors, Jacobs isn't afraid of creativity. His designs are the most precise in the industry and his runway shows are nothing less than impeccable. With models trotting down the runway to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, the show was more than a success. 
   There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Marc Jacobs brought life to New York's Fashion Week. Jacobs mentioned to the press that Yves Saint Laurent and New York Dolls were his "usual faves" and much of his inspiration for the collection was established in their designs. Walking in gold glitter platforms, his models owned the runway. Their presence, let alone Jacob's designs, was breathtaking. Carrying clutches comfortably in their hands, the models flaunted the designs with perfection. 
   MJ's Fashion Week show, along with every other Marc Jacobs runway show, was simply amazing. The colors, the versatility and mostly the surprising looks Marc Jacobs put together made jaws drop. He was truly inspired by seventies trends and by fellow designers. Sure you can find denim flares and long dresses just about everywhere, but the quality of Marc Jacobs' clothing can't be found anywhere but in his very own designs. Come springtime, the runway collection will be a hit and the media will be swept off their feet.

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  1. Your writing flows so amazingly, you're sure to become a star someday. Your posts are the perfect length to get your message across and I read them with ease. Knowing you approve a style makes me want it because you know fashion like the back of your hand. Keep up the awesome work, kiddo! And remember all of us when you're famous!!!


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