Saturday, October 16, 2010

Military Fashion Trend

   With Fashion Week behind us and new seasons approaching, military clothing seems to find its way into many runway designs. But for Fall and Winter 2010-2011, it’s an ongoing trend that will become very popular very quickly. It won't only be on runways and in magazines, but on every chic woman craving new style.

   It’s not just military jackets that have made a mark on the fashion world, but all sorts of other clothing too. When it comes to military clothing, all you need to do is add a hint of buttons, chains or stiffened collars and you’ll look as if you’ve come straight out of an issue of Harper's Bazaar. Commonly used colors for this trend are brown and green, while grey and green are the shades that take over the scene. Adding black and blue color schemes can also give your outfit that modelesque effect. Bulky jackets with high, stiffened collars, gold chains, leather or combat boots, and bold socks are what make a statement this season. Army green in coats and oversized cargo pants dominated the runways in New York's Fashion Week this September and will be seen throughout the fall and winter on stylish streetwalkers and trendy starlets. Leather jackets, which offer an edgy, yet stylish look, can be seen on mannequins, models, people and most commonly on the designers themselves. Bulky shoes, like clogs or Doc Martens, with simple black or distressed jeans worn with a normal army green shirt can really make a fashion statement.
   While designer clothes may be too expensive to afford, stores like Forever 21, Topshop and H&M are both packed with chic military style clothing for the average fashionista to strut around town!
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