Monday, September 15, 2014

Happily Grey

   I've always loved the color grey, despite its plainness and simplicity. A grey top with colored corduroys or khakis is a favorite look of mine because it's very balanced and neat. Saying this, I complain sometimes, saying, "I have way too much grey in my closet." All of this being said, it's a great shade for every wardrobe, especially during fall and winter.
   While flipping through some of my favorite catalogs and magazines, I've been noticing a lot of grey. In my opinion, there's nothing like your favorite grey cardigan or sweater that you can wear with anything. It's such a simple piece, but adds a certain dynamic to your look. Plus, if you're wearing a grey top (cardigan, sweater, t-shirt, etc.) it's an open invitation for accessories. Talk about the perfect placement of a statement necklace. Or, cuff your sleeves and add some bangles. You'd think silver would match grey best, but stack on your gold baubles, too. Just as the grey adds dynamic, throwing gold into the mix does the same. It adds a shimmer that wasn't present before, and complements the grey nicely.
   Looking for the perfect grey top? That's what I'm here for. If you're in need of grey cardigans, sweaters or shirts (short and long sleeves) you have many options. My favorite stores to buy these at are J.Crew and Gap. Both stores have limitless options for both: wool cardigans, cashmere sweaters, and linen or cotton t-shirts are among the many options to choose from. I like these two stores because they have the simplest pieces and you can also find accessories (often on sale) in both stores as well. One stop shopping! I'm urging you to stop by J.Crew and Gap in search of some fabulous grey. And remember, you can never have enough grey -- it looks great with everything.
When they say less is more, they're referring to grey.
xx, ZM

Monday, September 08, 2014

Technicolor Dream Coats

Ah, September. The month of the famous September issue of Vogue. As my thick, 860 page copy sits on my bedside table, I reach for something different. I've started to read WSJ Magazine pretty regularly, and I'm loving it. While there was plenty to love about this month's issue, a particular story that left my heart beating a little faster was the Technicolor Dream Coats. It was one dreamy spread after another of fall’s best coats. I fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of the spread. It allowed the coats – and colors – to shine. Of course, now, I want a colorful coat hanging in my closet.
Don’t get me wrong: everyone needs a basic camel, black, or gray coat. It’s the most functional kind you can have. With that said, options are always a good idea, and it's fun to layer with something different every day. 
I think a pastel coat has a lot of potential. Let's say light pink. It's still somewhat neutral of a color, but with a little more pop than usual. Same with light blue. Simple, but not overdone. WSJ Magazine did a fantastic job in Technicolor Dream Coats of displaying a wide array of coats. Take a look and see for yourself. You might decided on something you never imagined yourself in, but that's the glory of it.
If pastels aren’t your thing, then I think it’s a go-big-or-go-home mentality. So, opt for something bold. A cobalt blue or a super rich teal. Step out of your comfort zone. They're saying it's going to get really cold really fast, so hop on the trendy coat bandwagon while it's still fun.
I'll take one of each, OK?
xx, ZM

Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome to Fall

It's not summertime anymore, and time to break out your darker, warm-colored clothes and accessories! I don't know about you, but it's my favorite time of year. Sweaters, scarves and boots are my favorite pieces to style together. Lately, I've been all about neutrals. Black, brown, grey, ivory and white have taken over much of my wardrobe, and I like to leave the color and pattern up to my accessories. This way, I can layer several solids -- white top, grey sweater, jeans -- and add a fun handbag or clutch [like the ones pictured].
Some items that you should move into your closet for fall include long-sleeved shirts and blouses, cardigans, sweaters, corduroys, jeans, khakis, scarves, boots and booties, flats and jackets. For jackets, the heaviness depends on your location. Plan accordingly for your outerwear! Before I started shivering up here, I was very anti-winter jacket this early on. But with the help of my father, he chose a perfect coat equipped for cold Syracuse days from L.L. Bean (Acadia jacket, it's super cute for chilly fall and cold winter days). You can combine style with convenience very easily if you look at the selection from well-respected, yet affordable brands.
While shopping for, or organizing, your fall clothes, keep in mind the solid, neutral colors that I mentioned. By wearing these colors, you can add colored bracelets, flats or heels and a handbag to your look. You leave more room for pattern in your accessories by dressing in these solids. Every so often, wearing bright colors is a necessity because you'll most likely get sick of black, grey and white. Just remember though, accessorize! It keeps your color and pattern options open, and accessories add an element of style to your look that wasn't present before. Well, happy fall! Celebrate the change of seasons by arranging your clothes according to how useful they'll be to you this fall, I promise it will help! My tiny dorm room closet is ready to go for these next couple of months, and it makes picking outfits a lot easier. Don't forget to concentrate your color in your accessories and don't shy away from neutrals. Embrace the cooler weather, too. After all, they say that sweater weather is the better weather!
Embrace fall.
xx, ZM

Monday, August 25, 2014

Minimal Styling Maximum Chic

There's no denying that fall fashion is among us. With New York Fashion Week beginning in less than two weeks (yay), I'm anxiously awaiting the street style photos that will shape some of fall's biggest trends. But for now, I have a few of my favorite style staples: boyfriend jeans, Ray Ban aviators and slip-on sneakers. I've been keeping it pretty simple, but that's the way I like it. 
You might be thinking that this style seems "young", but that's merely an excuse. Anyone can wear rock this kind of outfit. Those three items are super easy to find, so if you don't have them already, don't fret. One trip to any department store is all you need to pick up your chic new fall staples.
Okay, so what's the deal with slip-on sneakers? They're a great shoe. Easy to find, easy to style and pretty comfortable. They're also a great style for men! I just picked up a pair from Gap and another from Steve Madden x The Blonde Salad collection, and I'll be wearing them all fall. Pair them with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, dresses, etc. seriously, wear them with anything. 
If you can't tell, the theme leading into fall is minimalism. You can do so much with a little, and know is the time to test that theory. Keep your eye out for new trends and work them into your style however you like. Don't be afraid to be simple.
Less is more.
xx, ZM

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Summer's Stylin' Sandals

I certainly love wearing heels and wedges, but there's nothing like flat sandals in the summertime. They keep your feet comfortable, your toes cool and they can be worn with anything. Wear them with a dress, jean shorts, a romper. Anything. I just purchased a new pair and I'm super excited to wear them. Although I can hear my mom saying "you don't need those" over and over in my head. You're right, mom... But hey, they're very stylish and when was the last time I could resist a pair of shoes with a little sparkle? What's really good about flat sandals is that they come in all sort of designs with pretty add-ons and many types of patterns. Also, there are a countless amount of materials that sandals can be made of. Flat sandals are a perfect summer staple, and like I said, they have so much variety. They're an easy style to work into your summer wardrobe.
See the simplicity of these sandals? That's why they're so easy to work into just about any outfit. WIth a tiny design or twist -- literally -- one is much different than the other. No matter what the color or design though, I promise a pair of summer flats will never disappoint you. They're fun, they're fashionable and they're foolproof. You won't be tripping in these babies! Yes, that was a jab at heels. I like my flats. But in all seriousness, indulge, my friends. Sandal season only lasts so long.
Cheers to chic footwear.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skirting Around Town

My summer uniform is simple, and this year I've fell in love with something new, skirts. I've always loved to dress up, and a daytime skirt has become my best friend. It's dressing up without dressing up. It's good to add a little flare, even if the color is solid. A fun skirt looks great with simple tops and tees, especially for keeping it casual. What's not to love? This outfit is most definitely my unofficial work uniform.
I chose a plain, neutral tee because the white stands out, especially with my tan legs. Plus, I usually dress more on the simpler side of things. I was hopelessly searching through my closet this morning (at the last minute) not knowing which shoes to wear. At first, I thought the white would be too much with the skirt, but the beige top strap (also the platform and heel color) definitely evens it out. It's my first time in these sandals/heels, and I'm over the moon. It also helps that they were 60% off at Saks. Anyway, I accessorized on the lesser side like always. A pinkish nude clutch was the centerpiece of my accessories, accompanied by my Ray Bans that I never take off, gold bangles and pearl earrings. The minimal accessorizing was meant to match the simplicity of my look. You can be the judge on that.
This isa pretty basic summer look, especially for those of us always on the go. I have to look stylish at work, so it's fun to get dressed every morning. It certainly wasn't a complicated look to put together, but I'd say it's chic. You can do so many things with simple pieces in your closet. Find a funky pair of pants or shoes or discover skirts like I did.  I made going into a new season, this summer, exciting by adding several skirts to my wardrobe and changing up my style. Find your new favorite piece! It doesn't have to be something totally out of the box, just a new staple that will change up your look, maybe help your style be less predictable.
So, where can you buy such pieces? I've had luck with J.Crew, Bloomingdales, James Perse, Saks, Saks Off Fifth (the outlet store) Brandy Melville and Gap. VINCE and Rag & Bone also have incredible basics/staples, but they're priced a little higher, but very sharp and chic. If you shop around enough, you'll find what you're looking for and you'll stumble upon new things to try, and who knows, you could find a whole new style.
Now it's time for me to go skirt around town.
xx, ZM

Top: Brandy Melville. Bottom: AQ/AQ. Shoes: DV Dolce Vita. Clutch: Juicy Couture. Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

OOTD Happenings

So, it's been a while since I've posted a photo of myself on the blog. Last week I was photographed for Marie Claire's October Beauty Roadshow. The experience was unforgettable, and I had so much fun. I'm always the behind-the-scenes (behind-the-camera), but this time I was the focus, and I loved it. That being said, I'm going to make an effort to do more "outfit of the day" photos and post them here. 
Since the Beauty Roadshow editorial will appear in the October edition, I wore a fall outfit. I love to keep things simple, so that's what I did. I was excited for the photo shoot, but I didn't want to wear anything out of the ordinary, so I stayed true to my style. The best part about that is that I love the results. I wore boyfriend jeans, a white chiffon tank, an army green jacket and kept my accessories simple. I paired my look with a black clutch, black, heeled booties and a black hat. I accessorized in one color (pretty good, huh?) to keep the attention on my outfit. Fall is about simplicity, and everyone seems to be very on the go that time of year, so it works. This outfit works. Chic, practical and definitely affordable. I love key pieces that can bring just about any look together in any season.
I could go on for three posts about boyfriend jeans. I like to call them "the yoga pants of the real world".. well, sort of. They're easy, comfortable and you feel like you're wearing sweats or Lulus. Heaven. They can be casual, chic, dressy, etc. You know the drill, I've posted about BFJ before. I told the beauty assistant at the shoot that I wore them because they're a great transition piece from summer to fall. That's so true. One second (at the shoot) I was wearing them with a coat and closed-toed booties, and the next second (at work) I was wearing them with wedges. Magic! This is the kind of thing worth spending your paycheck on because they're 100% useful 100% of the time.
That was definitely my favorite piece in my outfit, but I loved all the others, too. Army green jackets are also versatile from summer to fall. I wore mine (pictured) with shorts the other night to a Red Sox game, and it was a great "cool summer night" look. Transition pieces are fantastic. End of story.
To make a long story (this) short, I'm going to do more outfit posts because it's enjoyable and I certainly have the time. Plus, I want all of you to see what I wear so you can take that and put your own spin on it.
Saying 'goodbye' to my camera shyness.
xx, ZM

Top: J.Crew. Jacket: J.Crew. Jeans: Madewell. Shoes: Zara. Hat: Brandy Melville. Clutch: Vintage (Grandmother's from God-knows-when). Necklace: Kate Spade. Necklace: Dogeared.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

And I Thought Math Wasn't My Thing...

I'm no mathematician, but when it comes to geometric patterns in fashion, call me a pro. Diamonds, hexagons and edgy rectangles have been all over the place, and all transition well from season to season. Brand such as Zara, Milly, J. Crew and Tibi all put structured patterns to the test and from what it looks like, they all nailed it. Geometric patterns allow designers to include colors and patterns within themselves. It's definitely a structured and dynamic look that we should all be careful with, but with practice and enough research, we could be rocking it like runway models.

This trend isn't something found in only dresses, there are a countless number of stunning trousers, blouses, shoes and accessories with geometry-inspired patterns on them. Like I said, don't count on me to explain this trend using mathematic terms, but there are many style-related reasons I'm willing to share. One reason for the trend is boldness. They don't say "fortune favors the bold" for nothing. Next, it allows for a dynamic and "busy" look to be quite acceptable, and very fashionable. A lot of runway style go unnoticed or take on much criticism, but geometric prints are getting many thumbs up for summer and will stay popular throughout the fall. Fall fashion is always full of color schemes, dark color schemes to be specific. And this fall, designers put those dark shades together in complex patterns to make that geometric look. It was popular this summer in tops, bottoms and accessories, and everything is carrying over for the colder months. Just wait another month and you'll be reminiscing on your high school geometry class while flipping through fashion magazines.

Maybe I am a math person after all.
xx, ZM

Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy Down Bottom

Ever see a printed skirt and say to yourself, "I love it, but I could never wear it"? Often times, women come across printed skirts and think they're too much, but there are ways to tone it down and tame it that can help you wear it more simply. So step one would be to find a plain blouse -- but not too boring -- to pair it with. The reason being that if you're busy down bottom, your top should be on the more conservative side. Step two: easy on the accessories. Yes, add-ons are my favorite thing but you don't want to overdo it in this scenario. You've got a lot going on already so it'd be wise to rethink your bold baubles for this one time. After this, I'd say step three would be to pick out shoes that aren't super simple, but will keep the attention on your skirt. Think you can do it now?
There's a real secret to pulling off this look and with my help, you should be all set! Just keep the rest of your look simple and somewhat plain and you'll nail it. Be chic and bold down bottom, but keep it there. If you wear this look right, you'll draw lots of attention! Just be sure not to clash or try too hard. The skirt itself will make enough of a statement, everything else should be "crisp and clean" as Refinery 29 says. Now there's no excuse to love this look and not be able to rock it for yourself!
Bold is memorable. But so is bad... So wear it right.
xx, ZM

Monday, July 07, 2014

Think Pink

I feel as though I'm always writing about pink, but hey, don't change a good thing, right? It's one of my favorite colors, and an excellent summer hue. Tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories - pink is a great go-to color for any part of your wardrobe. Pictured are all pieces for women, but, guys, pink is for you, too! Ties, trousers, golf shirts, and more all look fabulous in a shade of pink, especially standing next to a girl all dressed in pink! It's almost become a neutral for me because I wear it so much. It's a color to savor, especially this time of year, when you've worked up a stunning tan and the sun is shining. As we move forward into fall (not for a while!), stray from the brighter pinks and move toward lighter, more subtle shades. But for now, get in as many pink bathing suits, sandals and sundresses as possible. And for the men, sport your pink khaki shorts, golf attire and summer ties as much as possible in the next few weeks. Pink is wonderful all year long, but the best during these summer months.

Think pink, people.

xx, ZM
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