Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Ways to Gear Up For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner – less than two weeks away to be exact – and it's time for you to get your ducks in a row. Everybody may celebrate a little bit differently, but like any other year, it's all about Mom. Part of gearing up means getting your plans ready that day, whether they be surprise or not, and of course planning special gifts that show her just how much you care. There are all sorts of things to get Mom, but the steps for gearing up are the same across the board. Yes, you can thank me later.

  • Do your research– this is one of, if not the, most important steps in the Mother's Day planning process. Start thinking about gift ideas and how you're going to present them in a way that's all about Mom. You can start your research with fun gift and DIY decoration ideas on Pinterest. Checking out all forms of social media is a smart idea, too, because then you'll see feedback and input from others. Once you've done this, you'll have all sorts of inspiration for what to get and how to dress it up especially for your leading lady. 
  • Compare, compare, compare – You can't find the best quality or priced products in one look, so you have to browse around and compare. That's the beauty of the Internet. Utilize the feature of having many tabs open on your browser, and compile all of your ideas.
  • Keep personality and authenticity in mind – Like we covered, Mother's Day is all about Mom and nobody else. You want to ensure that her gift is personal and has meaning attached to it. For example, if you're shopping for jewelry, go for something you know she loves or that ties into some part of her life. Anjolee Diamonds offers a wide variety of precious stones on bangle bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. The company, based in San Diego, CA, allows you so many options that whatever you choose for mom is sure to be personal.

These three tips are sure to get you on the right track for your Mother's Day gifting in the amount of time that's left. Shy away from last minute brainstorming and shopping to make the holiday as stress free and enjoyable as possible on your end and on Mom's. There's a myriad of amazing products on the market for Mother's Day, but consider the options above and take these steps to make this Mother's Day all about the mom in your family, and the best one yet.
Happy Mother's Day shopping.
xx, ZM


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where Art Thou Spring?

Apparently spring has begun. Perhaps we skipped over the parts where the birds chirp, flowers bloom, and everything becomes, well, less grey. We seem to be stuck in a period between winter and spring that's not 100% either, but luckily for clothing and accessories, we'll make it work.
For this seemingly endless period between seasons, it's important to dress appropriately for the weather, but also look ahead to what's hot for spring. This means mixing lighter neutral tones and pastels into your "winter" looks like jackets, scarves, and heavy sweaters. We have to keep warm, but who said we can't pay tribute to springtime brights?
I'm making a conscious effort to make the switch to lighter, more spring-esque hues. Mixing in lighter coats and jackets, adding brighter accessories to highlight tones in my outfit, and bringing color to my "winter" pieces so they mimic what spring should look like despite being stuck in these cold temperatures. Find your lighter sweaters and cardigans, throw a pale pink or white t-shirt underneath and dig up your light wash jeans. Ta-da! This time spring/winter period is tough to dress for and even tougher to understand, but with a little thinking and some effort, you're golden. 
Spring has not-so-sprung.
xx, ZM

Monday, March 09, 2015

Spring's 6 Best Essentials

Since the snow is melting faster by the minute, here are six fantastic spring essentials to start including in your wardrobe ASAP. This spring is centered around color and texture, so brace yourself. From your nail polish to your jacket and down to the sandals on your feet, this spring is all about style.
First, we'll start with metallics. Sure, this spring is very colorful fashion wise, but metallics are on the uprise. If you're willing, take the plunge to a silver metallic skirt or gold blazer. If you need time to adapt to the trend, incorporate it in other place like shoes, handbags and jewelry. Don't be shy when it comes to your style this spring. New season, new looks.
Pastels are always hot for spring, but this spring, pale pink is reigning hue. It's a color that goes with just about every other color and pattern possible. If you're saying to yourself, "I'm not a pink person," have no fear. Make pale pink less girly by adding darker clothes on top of it and wearing sneakers like Converse of Supergas. This will give your look an edge toward chic instead of girly. Pastels of all shades are certainly welcome, and mint and baby blue are still carrying over from last year as two of spring's hottest pastels. Find a pastel you like and run with it.
Neon is a risk worth taking. Clutches, shoes, jewelry and other accessories are perfect pieces for neon colors. The one thing about neons is that you want to avoid overdoing it at all costs. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and you're good. If you're feeling confident with your styling, try a neon pair of pants or a neon vest. Even stuck in these last few (hopefully) winter weeks, adding a pop off neon may help cure your SADD.
Ah yes, florals. They're great in small doses. Floral scarves and accessories are my personal favorite because they're easy to pair with any neutral look. Again, if you're comfortable, go for floral pants or patterned shoes. Make sure you're keeping it somewhat simple and you'll be looking très chic.
Next on the list of spring must haves is a versatile wear-everywhere/everyday tote bag. Opt for a roomy bag that's good for school, work, weekends and eventually for beach days, too. It's too early to say beach, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. If you're on the go this kind of a bag is perfect for you. Relieve the duties of the bag you've used all throughout winter and reward yourself with a new tote for this season that you'll get a lot of use out of.
Last, but certainly not least, we have my favorite spring piece, white cropped pants. Talk about versatile. They're great for daytime, dinner and night festivities. Don't be one of those people who don't wear white before Memorial Day, jump the gun and start early. It's spring after all, and rules are meant to be broken. Slim fitting white pants are my personal favorite because when it's cold they look great with a bulky sweater of cardigan, and when it's warm they look even better with a tank or blouse. When wearing white pants, don't forget to add some color in your top and accessories. This is definitely the most wearable, useful piece of the season.
With these six tips, you should be on top of your style game. They're all very simple to put together and easy to find, so you won't be challenged. Let's all wish the rest of winter away so we can start wearing these spring essentials and finally put our snow boots away.
Goodbye, winter.
xx, ZM


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Chanel: Boy Meets Girl

It was revealed at Chanel’s Spring 2015 Haute Couture show that Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis, and Alice Dellal would be the new faces of a handbag campaign. The campaign has arrived, and its sophistication is on point with the timeless brand.

Instead of showing the three women together, each was given her very own ad with the Chanel bag that best embodies her. Kristen Stewart with the 11.12 style, Vanessa Paradis with the Girl, and Dellal with the Boy. Chanel diehards will remember Dellal was the spokesmodel for the Boy bag’s 2013 debut, a campaign that clearly had an impact on her as she returns for round two. 

“Since discovering the Boy, I have found it a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. It’s a ‘fuss-free’ bag; it is very modern! The Boy bag was my first job with Chanel, it was the beginning of a unique journey. I also love the fact that it has such a romantic story behind it,” said Dellal. 

Stewart and Paradis also reflect on their respective handbags. Stewart zeroes in on the bags allure saying, “For me, the iconic handbag is just like the house of Chanel, fundamental and modern, two qualities not usually shared.” Paradis commented on campaign that nearly bares all, saying, “I like the fact that it blends in with clothes or against the skin with infinite gentleness.”

Keeping Chanel’s tradition, the three black and white images were shot by Karl Lagerfeld. That's one thing I love about Chanel – tradition. The black and white, the evolution of glamour from old to new, and the exclusivity of having the brand's head designer and creative director. With so many brands going in different directions with advertising, it's refreshing to see one of fashion's (if not the most) overarching brands staying true to itself, its creators, and its message. 

I'll always be head over heels for Chanel (no pun intended).
xx, ZM


Monday, February 23, 2015

NYFW Off-Duty Chic

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week now across the pond, the industry has rounded up the top street style trends. It's clear from the show what went on inside the tents and showrooms, but the chic show goers play a tremendous role in forecasting trends to come and expressing the true fashions of the season.

1. In spite of the deep freeze that was NYFW, chic onlookers displayed a street style that was all yellow – yes, that’s a Coldplay reference. The unexpected-yet-refreshing color was a complete contrast with the chilly conditions outside of Lincoln Center and other shows' locations, and was a true exhibit of how the fashion community believes the (fashion) show must go on no matter what the temperature.

2. Move over, Kendall Jenner. Gigi Hadid’s model-off-duty style from last week’s NYFW is unbeatable. Each outfit was a mash-up of the hottest trends worn in effortlessly chic ways. In between walking in several of the biggest names' shows of the week, the young supermodel sported a range of outfits that perfected the polished punk aesthetic, while staying luxurious. Hadid rocked rounded studs, chunky footwear, and spiked up black leather that stole the street style show by a landslide.

3. Artful layering is amongst the biggest street style trends from NYFW. With temperatures flirting with sub-zero status during the majority of the week, many fashionistas decided to bundle up with some of their favorite winter pieces. Not only did these chic fashion week goers layer up, they did so with monochromatic colors, differing textures, and bold, printed accessories. Each factor of this un-escapable trend captures an essence of this winter’s key looks.

4. Winter whites may not be a brand new concept, but they swept as far as popular looks go. The beauty of pulling off the all white look is that you have to reinvent it for yourself, and that’s exactly what happened on the streets during NYFW. The look was adapted to 2015 and what’s trending now. So many women were able to put their own twist on it while still remaining traditional and true to the style. Much like history, fashion repeats itself and this trend is hard evidence of that.
Until next time, NYFW.
xx, ZM

Monday, February 09, 2015

A Pop of Pink (or Purple)

With Valentine's Day coming up, pink is all the rave, but this year I'm straying from the crowd. With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicking off, street style is in full effect and purple has been popping up everywhere. I've never been a purple person, and lately I haven't been about color, but for the upcoming holiday I'm replacing a pop of pink with purple.
The deep color adds sophistication to your look and complements neutrals. Purple paired with grey and camel, two extremely popular winter hues, has been everywhere lately and can most definitely be expected on runways this week. 
But never mind fashion, let's talk about you. Introducing a new color into your wardrobe (and your life) is always somewhat of a process. Use Valentine's Day as a way to gift yourself new purple pieces or accessories. All I'm suggesting is a clutch or a statement piece of jewelry, but you can take it further. It's your V-day present to and from yourself, so make it your own. The gifts we give ourselves are always the most valuable, and you certainly don't need a Valentine or significant other to enjoy the day and the fabulous color purple.
Give yourself a gift that you've been swooning over, or something that you'll be able to use every day. Even little things like nail polish, makeup, office supplies or a comfy pair of socks to keep warm for the rest of the winter. Just make sure it's purple. You'll instantly feel more chic knowing you've gifted yourself something trendy that you've been swooning over. It's great to have a Valentine, but we should all treat ourselves, too.
Move over pink, it's purple's turn.
xx, ZM


Monday, February 02, 2015

Winter's "It" Accessory

It seems as though we can't escape the camel trend, and I'm not complaining about it. This color, or lack thereof, has been sweeping clothes and accessories this winter, and it's here to stay. Camel coats were the "it" item during the transition period from fall to winter, and have made their mark, but now it's time for camel scarves to shine.
These accessories stand out without having to try too hard. More often than not we find ourselves wearing dark or neutral colors during wintertime. Not to say camel isn't neutral, but it adds an accent that other neutrals aren't capable of. It brings about a harsh contrast that's effortlessly chic, and highly appealing. Scarves are also great because you can wear them so many ways and really make them your own. We all have our preferences when it comes to tying scarves, and that makes us one step ahead of the trend.
There are lots of options when it comes to shopping, too. You can spend or splurge depending on what works for you, and there are all different kinds of style. Whether you like blanket scarves with a lot of coverage and warmth or thinner scarves you can easily put on and take off, you'll be able to find them without a worldwide search. Stores like Zara and H&M have limitless options for camel scarves for the prices that won't break the bank. If you have a favorite store, check there to see if they have the style that's right for you, and I guarantee you'll find something. Like I said, the camel trend is here to stay and it's primetime for scarves. And with all of this snow, that's enough of an excuse to go out and buy a camel scarf (or three).
You can't be the "it" girl without the "it" accessory.
xx, ZM


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tommy Ton x Milan

Fall menswear shows' style extends off the runway and into the streets in Milan. I couldn't resist sharing these daring looks shot by Tommy Ton that I stumbled upon on styledotcom. Daring and bold are the names of the game, especially in the third photo of Vogue Japan's editor-at-large and creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo. She's always over the top and easy to spot at high fashion events like so. Standing out in a crowd like this can't be easy, so nods to ADR.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are 3,000 words above for you to take a look at, so my job is done. I had to post these, as they portray some of the most chic trends of the season thus far. Take mental notes and try to play around with your wardrobe.
Here's to style inspiration.
xx, ZM


Fashion For a Cause

Fashion Project is the industry leader in online clothing donation.  Since its founding in 2012, Fashion Project has supported over 1,000 nonprofits and powered donation programs for the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Joie, Milly, Helmut Lang, and more. By focusing on maximizing the value of every item donated, Fashion Project can raise up to 100x than an average thrift store. For more information on Fashion Project, visit the website.
Select Simon malls, including Copley Place, are again teaming up with Fashion Project this winter to offer mall guests the opportunity to donate gently worn clothing to benefit charitable causes. Fashion Project is the premiere online clothing donation service committed to using fashion as a force for good.
Copley Place shoppers can pick up a Donation Bag at Simon Mall® Guests Services which is located on Level 1 across from Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton or request one online here until Sunday, February 1, 2015.
Fashion Project accepts women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories from brands such as Free People, Tory Burch and Prada. A complete list of qualifying brands is listed on Fashion Project’s ‘Qualifying Brands List’.  A qualifying item must be in near new or great condition.
Upon receipt of the Donation Bag at Fashion Project Headquarters, Fashion Project will sort and sell the items, donating 55% of the proceeds to the donor’s charity of choice.
In addition, for every five qualifying items, the donor will earn a $20 Simon Giftcard. There is no limit to the giftcard quantity so if you donate 10 qualifying items you’ll earn $40, and so on.
“We are excited to again be able to work with Fashion Project, offering our shoppers a unique opportunity to support a worthy cause,” said Debora Konig, Director of Mall Marketing and Business Development at Copley Place.
“We are thrilled to make donating through Fashion Project even more accessible,” says Anna Palmer, CEO of Fashion Project. “We hope creating an in-person experience will result in an increase in donations and funds to support charitable causes worldwide.” 
 Fashion for a cause is the best kind of fashion.
xx, ZM


Monday, January 19, 2015

Dressing the Part

Nothing feels better than putting together a killer outfit after hours or sorting through your closet and thinking, "I have nothing to wear." Dressing up is fun, especially when you have a reason to do so. For us college students, it's time to start thinking about what we want to do postgrad, and researching internships that will help prepare us best for our respective fields. When we get far enough into the process, it's interview time and dressing the part is a big part of whether you're suited for the job or not. Whether you're wearing appropriate scrubs or polished Louboutins, whatever your job, the key is dressing like the boss on day one.
For whoever doesn't think so, dressing is an important part of everyday life. We make so many judgements based on what someone is wearing, and when it comes to you, you want people to interpret you as you wish to be seen. When it comes to styling, you have to always be true to yourself and be appropriate at the same time. Like I said, the environment you're working in has a lot to do with what's deemed right, so you have to get to know your surroundings before you start so you know the standard.
Just like people do research for jobs, it's essential to continue the research when you finally get the job you've been dying for. You want to always be on your A-game and make sure you're abiding by the rules and doing so with your own twist. Remember, next time somebody tells you that clothing and accessories are merely a hobby, kindly remind them that dress outwardly expresses who we are, and people take a look at us and walk away with all kinds of assumptions. Make sure you're sending the right message.
Dress up.
xx, ZM

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