Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Wear :: Greyscale

Ah, it's finally the weekend. I try not to spend every day wishing for Friday, but this week dragged on and I couldn't help it. It's time to relax and unwind now. At least for a little while. This is done best when you're wearing your most comfortable clothes. That doesn't always imply a "lazy" outfit. You can be comfortable in stylish pieces, and that's what fall weekends are about. Sure, I'll be caught wearing my boyfriend's flannel, but tastefully. Something like this calls for black toothpick jeans, a statement necklace and booties. There, it's not an oversized, messy, worn down flannel anymore. That wasn't too hard, right? Right. So now it's your turn.

Madewell zipper front top / J Crew slim tee / J.Crew j. crew pants / J Crew vintage sneaker / Madewell leather crossbody purse / J Crew army wrist watch / Rag bone grey brim hat / J Crew camouflage umbrella / J.Crew clear reading glasses
This weekend, like many fall weekends, is greyscale. I don't know about you, but I left my colors behind when summer ended. I've been wearing a lot of grey. Like a lot. Neutrals are great for this time of year because it's becoming grey and dark outside even during the day, so you may as well match that theme. Don't see it as sad and glum, embrace it.
Weekends make me think of four things: t-shirts, cardigans, leggings and sneakers. Your mind may not jump to the same place, but try and relate with me here. These pieces embody comfort, but (again, thanks to normcore) are super stylish this season. Simplicity is in, which makes "dressing up" for weekend days much easier because you essentially don't have to.
Weekends are also for glasses, painting your nails and fun hats. Give your hair a break and just throw it up and add a hat. Give your contacts a rest, too. Your eyes will thank you, plus glasses are great on everyone. A real complement to every face. You just have to find the right ones. Looking good is a matter of wearing what makes you feel good, so decide what does that for you and work from there.
Every party has a pooper, and here I am. Weekends are all about relaxing and fun. Spoken like the true "mom" of my friend group, I know. The moral of the story is to wear something that is stylish enough to go out and about in while you take time off from the stress of weekdays, but make sure you're comfortable enough to be productive, too. You don't want to save all your chores and work for Sunday. Believe me on that one. 
Embrace greyscale weekend wear this weekend and throughout the rest of the month. It's not depressing to exclude color from your wardrobe, that's just a stigma. Be comfortable, have fun with your look and be productive. Most importantly, enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for sale updates and style reports for the week.
Dress for success even when you have nothing to do.
xx, ZM

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Introducing — Tiffany T

Meet Tiffany T, an unapologetically modern collection from Tiffany & Co. In her new role as Tiffany’s design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof took the measure of the city — its power, energy and daring — and captured it in the graphic Tiffany T.
Born in New York, Tiffany T is an icon for a new era. Amfitheatrof dedicates it to the world’s great cities and the global travelers who gravitate to art and culture — and the edge, where creativity sparks change.
“I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and its relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world,” she says. “This is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish.”
A trained jeweler and silversmith, Amfitheatrof found her edge in sketches inspired by the newness all explorers seek and the sheer lightness of Tiffany design. Her work was also infused with the spirit of American design that thrives on a bold approach to established traditions. These influences translated into strokes of genius, a flurry of forward motion as rhythmic and effortless on paper as it is in precious metal.
Tiffany artisans are the master builders of Amfitheatrof’s brilliant play of angles and curves. Their skill with 18 karat gold — rose, yellow and white — and sterling silver gives Tiffany T the strength of architecture with which it travels from chic to sublime. Wide cuffs and minimal bracelets perfectly contour the wrist. Multiple chains of varied lengths and elegant pendants drape the neckline. Rings stack seamlessly and earrings move with grace. Altogether, Tiffany T is a rich mix of options, layered in striking looks of pure ease and sensuality.
Stonesetters bring the light of the finest diamonds and glowing gems to Amfitheatrof’s beautiful beginning as Tiffany’s design director. They are like the capstones of a bejeweled city rising in the night sky, alive with possibility. The collection stands out against others done for Tiffany & Co. and it brings a fresh new look to the many generations of excellence. Any piece makes for a glamorous staple to your jewelry collection and fall wardrobe. Think about it. 
Join the conversation.
xx, ZM

Sale Alert: 25% Off at J.Crew

Just in time for some weekend shopping J.Crew is offering 25% off full-price styles with the code TGIFall. (You can also score an extra 30% off the sale items!) This one’s a little dangerous for me because the new arrivals are so, so good. I mean… how can you say no to a coat like this? Or a cozy knit like this? Oh. There’s also this winter-white wonder, too. See? Like I said: trouble. The promotion is only good through the weekend so better start looking now.

Here’s what you can’t miss:
Happy shopping, my friends.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Toast to Life, Style and Elegance

Oscar de la Renta was fashion's leading gentleman. He's made a lasting mark on fashion and will continue to influence not only his brand but countless others that learned how to communicate elegance through dress from OLDR himself. He was a style genius; he took risks, he wowed viewers and he did this time after time, and season after season. He's set the standard very high for his colleagues and successors.
In no way, shape or form was I anticipating this devastating news. I was in the elevator on the way up to my room when I received a text from my close friend Meg saying, "Are you sitting down? There's bad news." People close to me know that Oscar de la Renta is a brand that I hold close to my heart. Not only do I love each collection more than the last, but I had the remarkable opportunity to tour the ODLR showroom in 2012, and I can still feel the excitement it evoked. Each person I met from his team of creative and businesspeople were spectacular and so passionate about their jobs. Mr. de la Renta was unfortunately (for me) traveling that day, but I stepped foot in his office and observed where the legendary designer thought and took the first steps to creating his prestigious and now historic collections.
If you haven't already, go to Oscar de la Renta's website for a heartfelt letter from his family. The brand is in good hands, and the kind words expressed will bring tears and a smile to you. It's comforting to know that Mr. de la Renta passed peacefully in his home accompanied by family, friends and, as the letter revealed, more than a few dogs. I send my deepest and most sincere condolences to those close to Oscar de la Renta and I express my love and sympathy to his family.
We've lost a good one, but there's no doubt in my mind that Oscar de la Renta left his brand in the right hands. Recently bringing Peter Copping on board as Creative Director was a brilliant addition to the brand and future collections will make Mr. de la Renta very proud. Look through his famous quotes and remember them. I hold them close to my heart, and I'm thankful to have had an influential figure to appreciate and serve as inspiration. Oscar de la Renta left behind so much for us to cherish and use as our standard for style, as he so wisely said, "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." 
Rest in the most chic peace, ODLR.
xx, ZM

Say Yes to the... Sweatshirt

The rise of normcore has given us a plethora of comfortable choices for our fall style. Among those is sweatshirts. Yes, you heard me, sweatshirts are in style. I'm zeroing in on J.Crew sweatshirts because they've proved to be popular on bloggers, editors and real people like us. The best thing about fall is being cozy, and now you can simultaneously be chic and snug-as-a-bug.
There's nothing better than wearable trends. So many things come in style that are impossible to incorporate into your personal style, but this fall is different. Simplicity is being embraced across the fashion spectrum, and brought into a whole new light. Minimalism is the new black. Neutrals are in, basic pieces are being given the same treatment as couture, etc. This is so far off from what we've seen in previous seasons, but I'm not uttering a single complaint.
I've been a big fan of J.Crew sweatshirts since they started pushing the look about a year ago. It seemed very "in" and matched high-end comfortable products introduced by brands like James Perse and VINCE, two notable brands in this comfort-yet-chic category. I saw sweatshirts being paired with khakis and jeans and I was immediately drawn to the look. 
Since then it's grown and grown. Like I said, since normcore has exploded (I've already taught you all about this topic) basic, neutral-colored sweatshirts are all everybody wants. As they say at McDonald's, I'm lovin' it.
Oh, it doesn't stop there. By now you know J.Crew is my favorite. They've become a market leader in the past few years and they're on top of every trend. I'm proud to say I loved it when it wasn't cool. Anyway, not only is the brand producing chic sweatshirts, but they're adding graphics. Whether it be quirky designs or phrases, graphic sweatshirts are the new graphic tee. This fall, J.Crew had grey sweatshirts with golden hearts on them, stars, the phrase "say yes" (pictured), the word "danke", and more. The brand is also in the midst of several designer collaborations, including Japanese graphic t-shirt brand Comme Des Garcons, which is pushing J.Crew into even more success and recognition. They have a lot of great variety this season, even in this very trend there's so much offered.
The best part is that a lot of the sweatshirts are on sale right now. Go to any J.Crew or J.Crew Factory store, or online, and you'll be faced with many tough decisions. Take my advice and buy them all. It's only going to get colder and you'll be wearing your sweatshirts multiple times during the week, so you may as well invest in several. I say one for every day. Go shopping and explore your options. This is one of the best trends to embrace because everybody loves sweatshirts, and they're finally a chic item.
Say yes to the... sweatshirt.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sole Searching

Ankle boots are "in" shoe for fall. Flat, heeled, peep toe - you name it. Your closet deserves at least one pair of ankle boots this season. They look great with every fall essential. Wear ankle boots with boyfriend or skinny jeans, surf skirts, dresses, khaki pants and more. Really, you can wear them with any fall staple. They're versatile and you'll be wearing them through winter, believe me.
A styling technique that goes great with fall booties is layering. Just think, you're matching more than one fall look together and it's coming together really well. Most stylish ankle boots are black or brown and they go with virtually any outfit. Like I said, you can get them flat, heeled, peep toe and other styles. The trend is gaining popularity every day, so booties are becoming available in more and more styles as the season goes on. That's good news.
If you're going with peep toe ankle boots, a pedicure is a must! Dark colors like navy, grey and oxblood are great fall nail polish colors that you should consider. Plus, these colors go nicely with black or brown (the color of most booties). A downside of the peep toe style is that the temperature is sure to drop any day, so you might have to put those boots away sooner than anticipated. If you're looking to buy more than one style, you'll be able to wear the others, so saying goodbye to your pretty peep toes won't be (as) sad.
Because of the growing popularity, I think you can buy ankle boots in every store. This is not a drill. Of course, I have my preferences for shoes as does everybody else. I just scored a great pair of black suede booties at J.Crew and I'm waiting on another light brown pair from Madewell. I know both stores have a large selection of all sorts of ankle boots, but they're flying off the shelves. I've also seen chic pairs at Saks off Fifth and Nordstrom, both of which have amazing shoe departments. If you have a favorite store, which, I'm sure if you're reading this you do, be sure to stop there first and familiarize yourself with their fall shoe selection. If you don't have any luck, try one of the stores I mentioned and you'll be bound to walk out with at least one fabulous pair of ankle boots.
As far as styling goes, wear them like you would wear any other fall shoe. Like I said, any type of jeans, khaki pants, skirts and dresses will look chic, and you can put your own spin on the look to give it that essence of your style. Accessorize, layer and have fun. Fall fashion is meant to be a blast, and every season is about your personal expression. Take the trend and make it yours. Hurry to your favorite stores or one of mine and snag some ankle boots while they last! This trend is one for the books, and you wouldn't want to miss out.
Did somebody say bootie call?
xx, ZM


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fall's Top 5 Denim Styles

Yves Saint Laurent didn't say, "I wish I had invented blue jeans," for nothing. Denim is versatile and it works with everything; it's the staple of all staples. There's nothing more classic than a pair of jeans.
Let's talk about options because there are a plethora to choose from. Denim is stylish more so now than ever, with so many different types. In my opinion, there a five trends to focus your attention on for a fall wardrobe refresh.

  1. High-Waisted - These are the jeans that are new to everyone. This pair adds a certain polish and put together-ness to a look. Oh, and it truly does make you look two inches taller. Who doesn't love that? Definitely opt for a fitted pair. A flare-style is the go-to high-waisted pair of jeans for fall.
  2. Classic Skinny - You own a pair, or if you're me, you own six. Skinny jeans are perfect for daytime, nights out and whenever else. Tis the season for flannels and cozy sweaters, so therefore skinny jeans are the perfect fall piece.
  3. Denim Shirt - They get better with every wash. I would compare it to my favorite white t-shirt; they're great, everlasting and super versatile. A denim shirt is a neutral, and luckily, denim-on-denim is in this fall, so it can even go with your favorite pair of jeans. Don't be afraid of the trend, at first I was nauseated by it, but now I'm an advocate. The options with denim shirts are endless. Wear them with pencil skirts, black pants, leather pants - seriously, anything.
  4. Novelty - Your collection of jeans shouldn't be entirely blue. It's fun (and essential) to mix it up sometimes! Colors such as oxblood, olive and grey work well for fall, especially when you need to look a little bit dressier than the usual blue denim.
  5. Denim Skirt - Guess who's back! It's definitely a tough trend to get behind because frankly, this comeback was not expected. But, various editors were seen sporting the trend during NYFW and it's Olivia Palermo-approved. So, it's OK.
This all sounds pretty good to me. I've been experimenting with my style when it comes to denim, and I've loved the results. Make sure to play around with your shoes, accessories and outerwear, too. It makes it fun, and who knows, you might find a look you can't go on without. The denim trend is here to stay through fall and winter, so hop on the bandwagon now so you can enjoy it through these seasons.
This is your excuse to buy all of the jeans in the world.
xx, ZM

Classically Casual

Tucker Blair, accessory designer and online fashion brand, is helping to re-imagine a cornerstone men’s accessory, the men’s belt. For decades, all types of leather belts have dominated this category, from dark tanned leather, to crocodile, to imitation brown and black leather belts, Tucker Blair’s colorful, iconic designs bring life to an outfit, showing off the past times, things, and places you love and help celebrate your best memories.  
No longer should the belt be an after thought in a man’s closet, amongst the 15 pairs of pants, numerous ties and bowties, and a drawer of rolled up socks. Tucker Blair is devoted to giving men the freedom to have fun with their belt, giving their brown belt company in the closet, and hoping one day there are #nobrownbelts. And, ladies, who doesn't love a man who has fun with his sense of style?
Inspired by images from our American heritage, the New England coast, and traditional Boston classic American design, Tucker Blair’s hand stitching is both bold and colorful. The belts are collectibles and conversation starters, offering men an opportunity to express their personality, interests, and style. From casual Fridays to cocktail parties, shorts to slacks, the stylish, classically casual hand stitched belts bring any outfit and occasion up a notch. Collect them, monogram them, gift them, and create a signature style. Headquartered in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill, Tucker Blair accessories are exclusively available at and in their Beacon Hill showroom. 

Follow on Instagram @tuckerblair and Twitter #tuckerblair #classicallycasual #nobrownbelts.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Boston Fashion Week at Copley Place

Copley Place, is the official location for Boston Fashion Week during the evenings of Monday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 8th.  Each night Copley Place will have several fashion presentations that include: Retail Focused Shows & Fashion Student Shows from Boston’s very own fashion students.
Copley Place is preparing for all things fashion, as they host the Copley Catwalk during Boston Fashion Week on Monday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 8th from 6:00 – 8:00p.m.  Each night there will be several fashion shows, and I've listed the schedule below, so mark up your calendars! All fashion shows will take place on the Copley Catwalk (Center Court). The schedule is as follows:
Monday, October 6 – 6:00p.m. – 8:00p.m.
Retailer Show: Eileen Fisher & Cache
Fashion Student Show: School of Fashion Design

Wednesday, October 8 – 6:00p.m – 8:00p.m.
Retailer Show: L.K. Bennett
Fashion Student Show: Massachusetts of College of Art

Boston Fashion Week is filled with great style and lots of fun. Not to mention you can do lots of shopping before, after and in between shows at Copley. Take advantage! It's a great excuse for a trip to such a great mall. All in all, Boston's small fashion community loves to see people come out and support them, so if you can go, go! Boston Fashion Week is a lot more chic than you would expect, and there's only one way to find out.
Happy BFW.
xx, ZM

Monday, September 29, 2014

Surf's Up

   It's safe to say that summer isn't ready to leave as we head into October with temperatures in the 70s. There hasn't been a reason to go and buy that coat you've been dreaming of or those boots you've had your eyes on since fall catalogues filled your mailboxes in early August. Instead, we're still wearing dresses and maybe, just maybe, a light coat or cardigans for brisk September mornings. 
   Why not add a few stylish pieces to your closet for summer's extended stay? If you're a shopaholic and this sounds like a good excuse for a trip to the mall, the first thing you should keep your eye out for is a surf skirt. No, not a skirt intended for surfing, but a neoprene (yes, neoprene is back) skirt with a flare on the bottom. They're comfortable, chic and even when it finally gets cold, you can tuck in a sweater or blouse and give your fall style a twist – literally.
   You can thank J.Crew for the stylish debut of the surf skirt. All through summer, a bright, floral one was seen on mannequins in almost every J.Crew store and window. They were on models in the catalogues and in countless photos on the brand's Pinterest.
   During the summer, surf skirts were styled with tanks and light blouses, but now, J.Crew is giving the piece a new look. It's still great for warm days – I mean, it's a skirt – but with fall accents. I was browsing through a catalogue and I noticed surf skirts with cashmere v-neck sweaters, blouses and blazers and cable-knit cardigans. This skirt is very versatile and widely popular as a transitional piece from summer to fall. With sweaters, cardigans and blazers, as J.Crew is showing it now, the trend is bound to last throughout fall, too. In other words, this investment is worth making. 
 For Fall, there are a plethora of neutral colors in the skirt. This way, you don't have to worry about having one or two blouses that match the pattern, you can wear it with anything or any color. Surf skirts are great for work, dinner outings, events or just for day-to-day wear. Wearing a skirt has become one of my favorite things, so I would most likely pair it with a comfortable top and cardigan for daytime. For this look, I would wear slip on sneakers (also found at J.Crew) or flats. If I were transitioning into a nighttime look, I would slip on a pair of pointed-toe heels and call it a night. Surf skirts are very versatile, and definitely worth your money.
   Now that I said summer is here to stay it will probably snow next week... Buy a surf skirt anyway. Treat yourself! They're on sale at J.Crew, so there's some more incentive. You can't head into a new month and season without new clothes. That's my motto.
Surf's up.
xx, ZM
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